Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lines, lines, lines!

I was assigned lines for this project. I decided to be pretty literal with my selections, they should not be too difficult to recognize. My tenth picture has been lost in Superlab cyberspace but hopefully I will find it or make another one before this is due! For my presentation board, I chose fabric swatches I thought would be appropriate for the garment pictured rather than in the right color or print.
This assignment has definitley raised my awareness when looking at apparel and the lines used within it.

The lines in both the lighthouse and dress are running diagonally. Diagonal lines in apparel are flattering for many body shapes because it diverts attention from trouble areas.

This dress is made up of different layers of fabric that creates horizontal lines that increase in length with each tier creating volume.

This asymmetrical dress uses implied lines where the dress leaves off and it gives the impression of sun rays.

I absolutley love the lines used in this tailored suit by Alexander McQueen. The lines are very deliberate yet seemingly haphazard, much like the lines found on the ground at the Rotterdam Museum Boijmans.

It was difficult to find a garment that used similar lines found on the road, but I like how the lines on the dress expand at the hips to accentuate the model's curves.

I am really fascinated with the intricate structure of spider webs and the lace detail on this Alexander McQueen dress captures the delicate lines that make up a spider web.

The skinny tie this gentleman is wearing is structured much like the lines of the Washington Monument.

I love horizontal stripes, but I had never connected them with the American flag until this assignment!
The lines in the grid pattern in this American Apparel dress is very similar to the lines that make up this wire fence.